Joanna Sylph

negative, self-egoist, troublemaker.

For the first time, you appeared in my dream as a whole flesh. I introduced u to my friends and you were not so arrogant, I felt we were the same kind, u laughed about every joke I cracked, and we had so many to share and best of all we both felt truly happy for each other. 

We could talk for day and night like we had a clue about our future, just like we were actually planning for each other coz we were each other's future. 

We could be quiet for day and night but never had even a slight sense of insecure, just like we knew each other like the back of our hands coz I'm you and you're me. 

But it's too late, it's just a temporary foolish hope coz that will never happen. I'm just a self-willing tool for u, the minimum cost of time and energy, I'm easy to handle, I never ask much, I was so careful to keep my distance, and so afraid to disappoint u. I bet u feel the same way: tired. 

It's so tiring, isn't it? Let's put an end to this. Let's finish this nicely and without pains coz we've already had enough when we were together.