Joanna Sylph

negative, self-egoist, troublemaker.

You are you, I walk hand in hand with you to see the world.

Wealth or poverty, we always will find new ways to have fun.

You watch me fall for an asshole as I watch you get drunk with a whore.

Nothing can stop us from having fun in our playground.

We will make it through boredom and craziness.

Meaning of life is not something we chase after.

just to see the world and be amazed together.

I won't change myself just to please you, and you won't need it

you won't have to be with me all time because I won't need you there

we are far in distance but we are the closest in heart

this is not fairytale, our soulship last forever and ever.

we live to be the best man and woman we can be.