Joanna Sylph

negative, self-egoist, troublemaker.

We are no longer intimates
No, that's a wrong way to put it

It was basically me suffocated you with everything on my mind
I wish it was a different story

I know the tricks to keep us alive
But I don't know the essence 

It's about not asking too many questions 

It's about restraining myself

I wasn't happy

I wasn't happy at all

Is it possible to have what I want?

Will I also fall too deep and get hurt?

I think I have it already 

In pieces, and now gone

It should be enough 

I should be grateful 

Am I getting too old? 

Becoming someone different for the better was, to me, frightening.
But it's just not that simple

No one can be the judge
No one knows the whole story now

And soon we'll be forgotten
Forgotten by time