Joanna Sylph

negative, self-egoist, troublemaker.


I used to block everyone's moments
And delete all my friends and classmates

This is weird

Coz I kept those memories which made me feel good
But couldn't stand those which threatened my sense of security

This is not securing
It weakened me

And there I was, thought I could always escape once I feel uncomfortable

"So long suckers!"

But it's not right

Those who really cared about me
And the things which could make me grow up
I missed all

Peer pressure
I couldn't stand it

I ran to somewhere nobody knows me and start over
Hoping to be the coolest person

It worked for a while in my mind
Then more and more pressure pouring in

And this time I can't run away anymore
I keep going back to where I started

No, I can't start from zero each time
Face it, girl! The pressures

It's not even pressure

It's motivation for myself
And celebration for others

"The grass looks greener on the other side,
Till you get to the other side.
Everyone wants what they can't have."

Everyone is pressured all the time
Everyone is good at something

I'm not trying to be No.1 at everything
Choose one thing at a time

What am I good at?
How do I do to become better at what I'm already good at?
Why can't people around me be my inspiration?

Don't run away, stare at it from a different angle.
I may still get hurt or teased in my face.
But it's not that I don't wish them well,
I just want to be as good as them.

Yes, I will prove myself.

Coz I have my worth, and I am already doing better than before.

It won't just stop right here.